T-ACT (Tsukuba Action Project) is a project to support your "I want to do it".

T-ACT Jargon

T-ACT Promotion Office

The T-ACT Promotion Office is headed by the Director of Office of Student Welfare, and is comprised of a core team that includes expert members from the Academic Service Offices, faculty members elected by each academic group, T-ACT Consultants, and administrative assistants. The section holds meetings twice a month to examine submitted T-ACT Actions/Plans and to manage T-ACT. Since the 2014 academic year, the section has been expanded to a promotion office.

T-ACT Completion Certificate

A T-ACT Completion Certificate is awarded to each participant after the completion of T-ACT Actions/Plans.
It records the extent to which a student performed the roles of planner, organizer, and participant during their student life at the university. For students, this certificate may be useful for their career portfolio.

T-ACT Supporter

T-ACT Supporters are students who support other students engaging in T-ACT and the T-ACT Forum.
Students who have experience as a T-ACT Planner or Organizer can become a T-ACT Supporter. They provide a variety of support, including giving advice on activities, cooperating with public relations, linking participants and collaborators with plans, and cooperating as staff at events organized by the T-ACT Promotion Office. However, it is important to us that the supporters only do what they can.

T-ACT Forum

T-ACT support organization in the Student Plaza. A T-ACT Consultant is stationed here full-time and operates as a safety net in case students encounter various difficulties and problems in their activities. Please feel free to visit them.

T-ACT Plan

T-ACT Plans are plans led by faculty and staff members as part of T-ACT (for details, see “What is T-ACT?”).
T-ACT Plans function as a model, with faculty and staff members becoming planners, and students becoming organizers in these plans. This gives students the chance to learn how to make plans and to take the lead independently next time.

T-ACT Action

T-ACT Actions are actions initiated by students as part of T-ACT (for details, see“What is T-ACT?”).

T-ACT Participant

T-ACT Participants are members who participate in T-ACT Plans and Actions, although not as intensely as organizers. T-ACT Participants include students and faculty/staff members, as well as participants from outside the university.

T-ACT Partner

T-ACT Partners support student-led activities and are people with whom students can consult. Only faculty and staff members can become T-ACT Partners.
T-ACT Partners play a necessary role in helping students get approval for their T-ACT Actions and start the activities.

T-ACT Organizer

T-ACT Organizers help Planners to motivate and organize the group. T-ACT Organizers play a central role in activities together with the T-ACT Planners.
Only students can become T-ACT Organizers, and this is an important role necessary for both T-ACT Actions led by students and T-ACT Plans led by faculty and staff members.

T-ACT Planner

T-ACT Planners are students and faculty/staff members who propose plans to T-ACT (people who initiate activities).