企画 詳細情報

受付番号 U23154
企画名 パレスチナ・イスラエル問題について知ろう。:Palestine-Israel Problem (パレスチナ・イスラエル問題)
活動分類 交流会、セミナー・ワークショップ、講演会・トークイベント、展覧会
活動目的 (English text is followed by Japanese)

The purpose of our activities is to raise awareness and concern about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and call people for action.
The Israeli-Palestinian issue did not arise on October 7 2023, but has been an ongoing problem since the 1940s of the last century. Unfortunately, the issue has not been covered much in the Japanese or Western media, and there has been no international effort to resolve the problem. As a result, the current situation has worsened, leading to a very dire situation.
We have drafted this project with the intention of understanding the background of this problem and to think together, with our combined strength and wisdom, about what we, who do not have political and economic power, can do to prevent and solve such a problem.
具体的な活動計画 ■!当日のプログラムに一部変更がございます。下記ポスターJepanese versionをご参照ください。
■!There are some changes to the event program for the day.
Please check to the new poster( japanese version) below.

(English text is followed by Japanese)

⑥Tsukuba Demi (下の食堂)でグループディスカッション
⑦閉会の辞→ 終了

Event Plan
Dr. Chie Ezaki, a researcher at the Department of International Relations of the National Defense Academy of Japan (formerly of the Middle East Institute oof Japan), who is an expert on Palestinian-Israeli issues, will be invited to Tsukuba University to give a lecture.

Schedule of the Activitie
In December 
・Request Dr. Ezaki to give a lecture.
・Recruitment of staff for the day of the event, reserving the venue
January 1-21
・Publicize the event, prepare for the day of the event
January 22
・The event will be held.
The flow of the day of the meeting is as follows:
①Greetings, explanation of the purpose and flow of the meeting, introduction of guest speakers
②Guest speaker will give a lecture.
 (Content: History of Palestine and Israel from its establishment to the present)
③Panel discussion with guest speakers
 (Contents: Dr. Ezaki's experience in Palestine, thoughts and actions of both countries, future forecast/outlook, solutions, what we can do)
④Online interview with a person from Gaza Strip
 (Contents: About the situation and life in the area) *Please note that the video recording may be broadcasted or transmitted depending on communication situation.
⑤Q&A → Closing of the main program
(Moving to another room)
⑥Group discussion at Tsukuba Demi (the cafeteria downstairs)
⑦Closing remarks→ End of the optional session
活動場所 筑波大学 大学会館2階:国際会議室(収容人数:160人可能)
University of Tsukuba, University Hall 2F: International Conference Room ( Maximum : 160 people )
活動期間 2023/12/01 ~ 2024/01/23
イベント日・時間 2024/01/22 16:00 ~ 19:00
対象者 学生、教職員、学外者
予定希望人数 160人
最低必要人数 20人
企画申請者(プランナー) ZIYOKHUJAYEV JAMKHUR (生物資源科学学位プログラム)
オーガナイザー Muhammad Wildan Gifari (グローバル教育院 ヒューマニックス学位プログラム)
パートナー 氏家 清和(生命環境系)
備考 ・Greeting and introduction will be in both English and Japanese.
The lecture will be given in Japanese, but the slides will be in English.
Pannel Discussion is completely in Japanese.
The interview with a Gazan citizen will be in English, with Japanese live translation.

・The interview with Gazan citizen might be live or pre-recorded, due to internet connection.

・For the snd part of the event (Social Gathering/Group Discussion) drink bar (+sandwich?) will be provided. However it may cost ¥300-500/person. In case the student organization that is holding this event will have enough money, we will pay whole or part of that fee for the participants instead.

・Parking will be available, but the space is limited. We kindly ask you to come by public transport if possible. In case you come by car, make sure that you mention that in the attendance survey. Link to the survey is provided in the poster.
駐車場はありますが、場所が限られているため、公共交通機関 で来られる方は公共交通機関をご利用いただきたいです。車でお越しの場合はアンケートにその旨をご一報ください。

・About the guest speaker. 江崎智絵先生について.

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