企画 詳細情報

受付番号 U23002
企画名 サッカーボールをパスしてみんなと対話しよう! サード ステージ Pass the soccer ball and interact with everyone! 3rd Stage
活動分類 スポーツ
活動目的 本企画「サッカーボールをパスしてみんなと対話しよう! 
Pass the soccer ball and interact with everyone!」は、スポーツ、とくに「サッカー」の力で、コロナ禍により学内の交流が停滞した状況を打破していこうという目的で2021年12月から活動を開始し、「KickChat FC」というサッカーチームを結成しています。

This project, "Pass the soccer ball and interact with everyone!”, started in December 2021 with the purpose of using the power of sports, especially "soccer", to break through the stagnation of interaction on campus due to the Corona disaster, and organized a soccer team called "KickChat FC".
In February 2023, we held a webinar entitled "Let's Talk about 'Now' - 2023 from a Sports x Global Perspective”. We invited our alumni and current graduate students who are internationally active in the field of soccer as panelists, and had an active discussion with more than 10 participants from inside and outside of the university.
In March 2023, the number of active members reached more than 100, and the project is steadily achieving results, such as winning the soccer competition on the Fall Sports Day.
In the third stage of this project, we would like to continue regular practice and organize a league of futsal groups on campus to deepen cross-cultural understanding and promote multicultural conviviality on campus through the power of sports.
具体的な活動計画 本企画の2023年5月から10月にかけての活動計画は以下のとおりです。
 内容:本学の各フットサル団体との交流を目的に月1回程度の定期的なリーグ戦を開催します。参加チームはKickChat FCを含め4チームから8チームを想定しています。あくまでチーム間の交流を第一の目的とし、勝敗に固執しない方針で活動します。

The planned activities of this project from May 2023 to October 2023 are as follows
1) Cross-cultural exchange through soccer practice
Date: Every Saturday from 5:00 p.m. for about 2 hours
Location: University of Tsukuba 2nd soccer field or Kasuga Gymnasium
Content: Warm-up, basic practice, game format, etc.
Experienced players will support those who have no experience.
What to bring: Wear clothes you can exercise in, soccer shoes or indoor shoes, drink (we will prepare ball and items to prevent infection)
2) Holding an on-campus futsal league
Period: May - October 2023
Location: Kasuga Gymnasium, University of Tsukuba
Details: Regular league matches will be held about once a month to interact with the various futsal teams at the University. The number of participating teams is expected to be between 4 and 8, including KickChat FC. The primary purpose of the league is to promote interaction between the teams, and to avoid a win-loss mentality.
活動場所 筑波大学第2サッカー場と春日体育館を使用します。
University of Tsukuba 2nd soccer field and Kasuga Gymnasium
活動期間 2023/05/01 ~ 2023/10/31
対象者 学生、教職員、学外者
予定希望人数 200人
最低必要人数 30人
企画申請者(プランナー) 北條英次 体育スポーツ局
備考 (スポーツ保険)

(Sports Insurance)
University students (undergraduate and graduate students) are covered by the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (abbreviated "Gakkensai"). It is strongly recommended that faculty members purchase their own sports insurance.
(Infection prevention measures)
Confirm requests from Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba City, and Tsukuba University, and make decisions according to the university's infection prevention measures. If there is a request to cancel face-to-face activities, cancel or postpone the project.
Confirm with T-ACT to ensure that infection prevention measures have been thoroughly implemented. Consult with T-ACT one week prior to the event to determine if the project will be implemented.
Report to T-ACT the day before the event to confirm the physical condition of the participants.
Participants should keep a health record for the past two weeks or more. On the day of the activity, the person in charge will collect and manage the records at the venue.
Disinfect hands as needed before entering, exiting, and touching items during the activity.
Hand soap should be available for hand washing. Wear masks except during practice.
During the presentation, the room should be ventilated, not crowded or sealed, and no eating or drinking should be allowed. Do not talk loudly.
Participants have to check body temperature before leaving home. Only participants who have applied in advance will be allowed to attend.
The position where the participants will sit should be set in advance considering the social distance (2m).
In the first two weeks of the activity, be concerned about the physical condition of the participants and ask them to report any problems.
Make a record of the activity, including the type of activity, location, participants, number of participants, and contents, and have the person in charge manage it.
Follow the infection prevention guidelines set by the University of Tsukuba and T-ACT.
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